It was back on November 7th, game day for the Georgian Grizzlies basketball teams as they hosted the Durham Lords.

While there was incredible action on the court during the men's and women's double-header games the highlight of the night actually took place during halftime of the women's game.

Nick De Henestrosa, a Georgian student in the Civil Engineering program was the lucky winner of the OCAA Shoot for Cash draw giving him an opportunity to try and win $1000.

The Newmarket native made the most of it.

Nick successfully made a layup, a free throw and a shot from beyond the three point line to set up one final shot from half court to win the cash.

He wasted little time going right to half court and throwing up his shot.

It was a good one.

The ball was straight, it hit off the backboard and then back off the front of the rim shooting the ball straight up.

When you ask those in attendance, they will tell you that's when time nearly stood still.

Almost in slow-motion, the ball came straight down and through the net, winning Nick the cash prize.

It was a special moment not only for him but everyone in attendance from fans to staff to coaches and players, as everyone erupted in celebration rushing the court.

It wasn't something that Nick thought would really happen.

"I played house league growing up and I play now a little when I'm working out at the gym, but really not that much," said De Henestrosa.

He has been pretty good with the money so far not giving into the temptation to celebrate too hard.

"The first thing I did was go have a nice sushi lunch with some friends, but some will go towards my tuition as well." 

 It's the first time in Georgian College history that someone has won the OCAA Shoot for Cash contest with only a few others winning at other colleges across the province over the years.

With more Grizzlies home games coming in the next semester there will be more chances for fans to win the $1000 cash prize.

We know one person who will be coming to get a draw ticket.

"I'm going to be coming back for sure next semester to games to try and win it again."