Orillia Facility Features

orillia features

Facility Feaures include

  • 5,000-square-foot Fitness Centre with complete line of strength and rehabilitation and cardio equipment
  • Paramount and Cybex VR2 strength equipment: leg press, leg extension, leg curl, multi-hip, abdominal crunch, lat pull down, lateral raise machine, rear delt/pec fly machine, chest press, shoulder press, overhead press, tricep extension, and bicep curl, free weights and dumbbells, benches (incline and flat), bench press, cable crossover, calf raise machine, Xert strength trainer, Xert core trainer, curl bench, squat rack with pull-up bars, Smith Machine, stairmaster assisted dip/pull-up machine, etc.
  • Cardio equipment – rowing/ergometer machines, elliptical trainers, treadmills (regular treadmills, woodway curve and freemotion incline), life cycles, recumbent cycles, and step mill.
  • Spin room/studio
  • Warm-up/stretching area including stretching mats, Vertex vibration trainer, medicine balls and resist-a-balls, hand weights, bosu, resist-a-bands, skipping ropes, and balance boards.
  • 4,000-square-foot single gymnasium, basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer
  • Men’s and women’s change room facilities with lockers (day use or short-term rental) and private shower stalls