Muskoka Campus Facilities

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The Muskoka Campus recently replaced the sand for their beach volleyball court, using the same local company (Hutcheson Sand and Mixes) that provided sand for the Pan Am Games. The older wooden posts were replaced with a portable system that allows for students to control the materials and when they are used. This also allows for the space out back to be multi-purpose, should a suitable theme day or beach soccer be considered.

This past Fall the Muskoka Campus featured the program faceoff, hosted by the campus GCSA. Each program was able to play a game of Volleyball against the others in a tournament style layout.
Throughout 2015, campus GCSA directors noted the need for a partnership with a local fitness club. A partnership was developed with Snap Fitness to offer various membership deals to both full and part time students, which provides an option that is not only close to campus, but is also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Combined with the opportunity to attend either the Bracebridge and Huntsville locations, or any of their other approximately 1500 clubs throughout Canada (should a student go on holidays), this relationship made sense to students in Muskoka.

Full-time Muskoka Campus students have access to the facilities at BarrieOrillia and Owen Sound Campus.

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